We are proud to note that some of the most influential male and female leaders in the industry are AWAR supporters and regularly attend our events.


Jean-Pierre Stainnack
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Airbus Japan

“A thought provoking event with an inspiring speaker, great panellists and interesting discussions. The diversity journey is, unfortunately, a long one, but events such as this one make all of us, in the aerospace industry but also in the wider business community in Japan, realise that more efforts are needed to make diversity a success.”

Shin Watanabe
Managing Executive Officer, Head of Transportation Business Unit, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing

“I was very pleased to attend AWAR’s 2018 event in Dublin for the first time. Both the speaker and the program were excellent, and I gained valuable insights into my own unconscious biases. This is very much needed to awake us to improve diversity not only in the aviation industry, but across the business community at large in Japan.”

Aengus Kelly
CEO, AerCap

“We were delighted to support the Advancing Women in Aviation Roundtable luncheon in Dublin 2018. The event was both inspiring and thought-provoking and is a testament to the high calibre of guests it attracts each year.”

John Slattery
Former President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation

I see diversity as critical to Embraer’s continued success as a company. Without innovation we don’t survive, and we need diverse perspectives – across genders, races, ethnicities, etc. – to fuel that innovation. I was impressed that AWAR is focused on the business case for diversity, and on actionable strategies for business leaders to break down barriers to diversity. Bravo to AWAR for their outstanding work. Keep it up!”

Hisanaga Tanimura
CEO and Founder, FPG

“I am very impressed by the efforts of the AWAR team to raise awareness of this important issue, and the level of attendance at the 2018 event in Dublin highlights how it is something that impacts all participants in our global industry.”

Virginia Connolly
Strategic Marketing Leader, GECAS (retired)

“Hearing about the drivers of potential change, such as raising awareness of unconscious bias and the development of diverse slates, has reinforced my understanding that enabling women to take leadership roles in the industry will not just happen – collectively, we must proactively lead the transformation.”

Tom Woods
Partner, Head of Tax and Legal, KPMG Ireland

“Great engagement at the AWAR lunch. Thought provoking as always. Peter Cosgrove was superb.”

Liz Barry
Executive Director and Head of Corporate Affairs, Airbus (retired)

“I have been honoured to attend the AWAR lunches in Dublin and the experience is very rewarding. Each of the superb event speakers has stimulated both a real conversation and a real reaction from the aviation industry men and women attending, and these new perspectives have remained with us. The events lead to positive actions in the workplace and around us. I cannot recommend this movement more.”

Dómhnal Slattery
Chief Executive Officer, Avolon

“At Avolon, we are committed to supporting all of our staff irrespective of their gender or background to help them achieve their potential. Like many other areas of business, the aviation sector has traditionally been male-dominated. As a leader within the industry, it is incumbent upon us to make sure that in the future there is a gender balance at every level in the sector. I commend the team at AWAR for the quality of events they produce globally. It is an important platform for driving meaningful change within our sector.”

Mahoko Hara
Executive Chairperson, Aviation Capital Group

“Through my attendance at the Dublin luncheon, I knew how rewarding AWAR can be, bringing men and women from across the industry together and providing new perspectives on diversity and inclusion – but would it work as effectively in Japan, where direct engagement by male leaders is still lacking? My minor concern was completely unnecessary. The Tokyo luncheon was equally stimulating and insightful. Conversations among participants just sparked, and issues unique to the market were openly discussed, provoking new ideas. It was a refreshing experience. The keynote speech and the panel were brilliant. Already looking forward to the next event.”

Paul Sheridan
CEO, AMCK Aviation

“I had the pleasure of speaking at one of AWAR’s events in 2017 and had a great experience. My participation in the panel got me to think in depth about Accipiter’s approach to diversity in hiring and the event itself rounded off my education nicely and it was especially great to be able to learn from all of the other participants. AWAR events are fun, innovative and very thought provoking.”

Alec Burger
President, GE Capital and President & CEO, GECAS (retired)

“Attending AWAR’s luncheon provided fresh perspectives on workplace diversity – a critical component to the success of any business today.  AWAR is an inventive forum to engage leaders on developing women in the talent pipeline throughout the aviation finance industry.”

Toby Bright
President and CEO, Jackson Square Aviation (retired)

“The AWAR luncheons are always the highlight of aviation conferences for me. After the luncheon this year in Dublin, my colleagues and I were still discussing equality issues around our table at dinner. This is a tribute to the quality of programming and engagement that AWAR promotes.”

Mark Lapidus
CEO, Amedeo

“AWAR’s work is truly inspiring and it’s fantastic to see it growing ever more impactful. We are honoured to be involved as a sponsor, with every event providing a new opportunity to gain valuable insights and launch actionable initiatives.”

Mary Bradford
SVP and Counsel Legal, GECAS (retired)

“AWAR’s recent luncheon in Dublin reinforced for me and my colleagues the importance of promoting women in the workplace. As a professional woman and former leader of GECAS’ Diversity & Inclusiveness Council, I am always interested in new ideas on how we can embrace it. The luncheon sparked new conversation around these issues and opened a door for further exploration in our own business.”

Simon Goodson
Senior Vice President – Sales and Lessors, Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce (retired)

“My attention was first drawn to AWAR by my team members who appreciate the honest way that AWAR draws men and women together to work towards a brighter future. And I wasn’t disappointed. The most recent event that I attended in Dublin really delivered on AWAR’s promise to bring the major players together in our industry to facilitate a productive discussion in a stimulating and entertaining environment.”